Act Now

For The Future

Action Climate Team

If the ice fields in the Greenland region continue to melt at their current pace, the North Arctic ice fields will be next!

Plants, animals and ecosystems as well as humans are at serious risk as temperatures rise due to the impact of climate change!

The North Pole will not ice in winter in 2050 and, according to recent researches, it will flood many coastal regions with countries such as the Netherlands and Bangladesh in 2075.

It is predicted that in the year 2100 the rising seawater will destroy the land of 1.79 million square kilometers off the world…

This will cause at least 200 million people to migrate and food and water resources will become too low to feed the world’s population!

We can still ACT to prevent this catastrophe!

In order to draw attention to the importance of climate change in the world and Turkey, UZMAR launches “UZMAR ACT” (Action Climate Team).

A team that will dive under the and climb over the icebergs to Show us “the World is ours to protect!”

A team to remind us that we neeed to ACT NOW, ACT FAST!

UZMAR, known for its cleaner and greener shipbuilding methods and tugboat operation services with maximum environmental protection solutions, invites you to witness this meaningful journey in order to share its environmental policies on carbon emission with the world!